Get Competitive Card Acceptance Rates For your Business




We’re working in partnership with takepayments to bring you great card acceptance packages tailored to your business. 

From convenience store owners, newsagents and market stall traders to hairdressers, restaurant owners and tradespeople, takepayments have a range of card payment packages suitable for almost all businesses. 

With over 25 years of experience, and over 55,000 businesses already on board, takepayments are dedicated to making it easy for small, independent businesses to take card payments. In person, online, or over the phone - however you want to get paid, takepayments have got you covered.


Start taking card payments

There are plenty of reasons to have card acceptance through our partners at takepayments.

Choose a Card Machine that’s Right for your Business

Whether your business happens from behind a counter or on the go, takepayments has a range of card machines to suit you. 

With 66% of all debit card transactions made through contactless payments, all of their card machines offer contactless functionality. 


For behind the counter payments

Small and compact

Connect by broadband or phone

Print receipts quickly



For payments on the go

Built-in GPRS SIM card

Connect anywhere there is a signal

Long battery life



Take the machine to your customer

Hand-held and lightweight

50m range via Bluetooth or WiFi

Long battery life


Do you Already Have A Card Machine?

If you’re already with another card provider, our partners takepayments may still be able to help. Get in touch to see if they can beat your current rate by calling 0800 0566 015. 

*This service is only available via certain merchant acquiring services. Subject to approval by the relevant provider of merchant acquiring services.