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Energy Supplier Changes

Customers, especially vulnerable customers, may be concerned about their energy company going out of business.

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Help and advice services

We know that lots of customers might have questions you don’t know the answers to when they come into your Payzone store. We have put together a list of useful resources which your customers might find helpful during times of trouble.

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Payzone Plus Case Study Blog - Andrew's Story - Lansdown Dairy

Andrew owns a retail grocery shop & delicatessen on the high street of a small town centre. He has been a Payzone retailer for a few years and recently switched to the Payzone Plus device.

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Payzone Plus Case Study Blog - Mr Gulati's Story - Borders Stores

Mr Gulati owns a newsagents with an off licence and he became a Payzone retailer a few months ago. He has just signed up for the new Payzone Plus device so we wanted to know how he was finding the service.

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Payzone Plus Case Study Blog - Joseph's Story - Tornagrain Stores

Joseph is a convenience store owner and has been a Payzone retailer for 17 years. He has recently had the new Payzone Plus device installed so we spoke to him to learn more about his experience.

Card Payments

Different Payment Methods

As a small business owner, you must offer your customers different payment methods. That way, the customer can purchase in a way that suits them. So, what are the payment options available, and the advantages and disadvantages of each?

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Energy Customer Guidance

If your energy company has ceased trading recently, Ofgem has been working behind the scenes to make sure you will be assigned a new supplier.

Card Payments

What Is The Best Card Payment Machine For My Business

If you have your own store, there are lots of merchant services available offering card machines for small businesses.

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Supporting Customers with Hidden Disabilities

Not every disability can be seen. In the UK, 10 million people have a hidden disability, showing no visual signs that they may require extra support, which is where The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme comes in.


What is the Post Office EasyID app?

Post Office EasyID is a safe and secure way to prove your age and identity, either in person or online. Find out how you can use it at your nearest Payzone store.

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Payzone secures contract with National Express Coach

Payzone has signed a long-term contract with National Express to provide ticketing services across the UK. The partnership will drive footfall and basket spend for Payzone retailers, as the easing of lockdown restrictions increases demand for travel.

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Accepting Post Office EasyID in your Store

As a Payzone retailer, you can now accept Post Office EasyID as a method of identification verification.

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